Draconis SystemEdit


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Draconis Star System
Control Colonial Administration
Size 2 Story Planets, 1 Starbase Hangar, 1 Conquest Planet and 2 Stargates.
Enemy ranks 62-70

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Ships: Five common, 1 rare, 2 special
Player ship ranks: 70
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A Star System with scars of an ancient war. The Mantis Queen Dydrana resides here in here Mantis Hive, from which she plans to destroy the Colonial Star Systems. But the scars reveal a great story. Draconis was under control of theMethanoids, a species very similair to humans, but more advanced. But they got defeated and brainwashed, you came just in time, the methanoids need your help!
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The current, last, star system.

History of DevelopementEdit

In the beginning when Draconis was developed it had the same background as now except that the green was replaced with yellow.

Woe Fields also had a differant name, Old Battlefield.



[2]The main planet of the Draconis Methanoid colony, Gazica was only recently colonized, due the destruction of Valkion at the hands of the Mantis.{| class="collapsible collapsed" id="collapsibleTable0" style="font-size: 13px; color: black; background-color: white; " ! colspan="2"|[show]Maps of Gazica |}

Mantis HiveEdit

[3]Home to the Parasitic Mantis race and its terrible Queen, the Hive is where all Mantis originate from. The hive is incredibly well protected; no hostile force has ever come close to breaching it's defences.{| class="collapsible collapsed" id="collapsibleTable1" style="font-size: 13px; color: black; background-color: white; " ! colspan="2"|[show]Maps of Mantis Hive |}

Woe FieldsEdit

[4]The location of the last great battle between the powerful Methanoid Star Cruiser and the Mantis Mothership. Now all that is left is space debris, semi-destroyed shps and frozen bodies.

Draconis GateEdit

[5]An alien star gate built by an ancient civilization.


[6]The main planet of the Draconis Methanoid colony, Valkion was the first target for theMantis Hive ship after their victory against the Methanoids. With the life literally sucked out of it, Valkion is nothing but a barren husk incapable of supporting life.{| class="collapsible collapsed" id="collapsibleTable2" style="font-size: 13px; color: black; background-color: white; " ![show]Maps of Valkion |}

Unstable WormholeEdit

[7]Yet unstable, this Wormhole seems to cause the Ancient Artifact to react upon it's presence. Any attempt to fly trough the Wormhole results into a fatal disaster. Carl Sagen scientists are trying to use the power of the Gravitons to stabilize the Wormhole and open it for a save passage. Destination is yet unknown.