Item ShopEdit

The Item Shop allows the player to buy new items and boosters.


[hide]*1 Ship Components

Ship ComponentsEdit

[1][2]the image for the Ion Storm Blaster and Ion Inferno Blaster

Here is a list of all known items, their prices and where to find them. They can be installed to yourShip if you find the right blueprints.

Conquest ItemsEdit

Conquest Items are only used for the Clanships. Here you can see where they drop: Conquest Items.

Pilot ItemsEdit

Pilot Items are upgrades that can be bought with Gold. Gold can be bought with real money. So these upgrades cost money, but have great affects your gameplay.

Instant EnergyEdit

[3][4]An Energy Cell

Instant Energy allows you to get Energy instantly. This can be bought with Gold.

Color PatternsEdit

Here is a list of all known Colour Patterns and where to find them.

Clan & Player ShipsEdit

Visit Portal:Ships

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