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Story MissionsEdit

[1][2]A Character, in this caseNatassia Ivanova[3][4]A Story Ship, in this case Brice's Ship

This sub-category is made for all Story Mission based things.


In the Storyline Page, you can see the whole Storyline, from the Vega System till the Draconis System.

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In all Story Missions, you find Characters. These will guide you trough the Story Missions.

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Natassia IvanovaEdit

From all Characters, Natassia Ivanova deserves a special place, she is the most common character and guides you trough almost the whole storyline.

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Story ShipsEdit

Story Ships are ships used by certain Characters.

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Buildings And StructuresEdit

There are also Buildings and Structures seen in Story Missions. Sometimes they are just to make everything look better but often they have a purpose.

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Collectibles are often seen in story mission, you may have to collect one or in some cases you will need to collect several.

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Game StoryEdit

[5][6]A Mantis Species Character

This Sub-Section is made for Story Pages based on the Game, sometimes background stories.

Game UniverseEdit

This is the background story of the game. How it came to this and when.

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Species of the GalaxyEdit

This is a list of all Species of Pirate Galaxy. There are certainly 5 species. They all have their own background story and technology. Some species have more fractions. Like the humans that are mainly split into two big fractions, the Imperials and the Colonials.